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Most Common Types of Windows For Your Home

September 21, 2016 at 7:48 pm

Windows are among the most important parts of the house. Depending on your needs, the windows you choose will differ to a great extent. We give you the eight main types of windows you can choose from. If you still need help, consider contacting a St. Charles window specialist to help you select your new windows!

  • Single and double hung windows have one or two sashes respectively. The sashes move both up and down if two, or a single one which moves in a single direction. This type of windows take on a minimalistic approach as they occupy less space due to the lack of parts that move outside the window.
  • Awning windows, on the other hand, open outwards in either the left or the right to let air in. The bottom of the window can also open to perform the same purpose of aerating the inside of the house. Most awning windows have large sizes with thin frames.
  • Transom windows are used mostly as small windows above a larger window or door to let in both light and air. Transom windows are often left inoperable to allow in light alone especially when above doors. They are also part of the aesthetic value of a house as they can be decorated as needed.
  • Stationary windows are not operable but can be fitted in any shape and size. Also, they can be fitted with other types of windows with the latter being operable. The advantage with stationary windows is that they can be made as large as possible without running the risk of wearing out or breaking.
  • Casement windows differ from other types of windows by being operable by the turn of a crank both to the left and the right. They are of medium size and have thinner frames. Most operable windows are created with a medium size to reduce chances of breaking.
  • As their name suggests, picture windows provide the widest view of the outside. Mostly inoperable, they cover from the roof to the floor and they are often put a series to form a complete wall. Unlike pure glass walls, picture windows have frames running up and down sequentially.
  • Sliding windows slide on a track across or past one another from either direction. They are simply the horizontal versions of the double and single hung windows. They too employ the same minimalist approach as there are no parts that move outside of the window.
  • Bay/bow windows form a ‘bay’ by extending outside of the building to allow more space inside the house. They can be installed on parts of a balcony to give both secrecy and light to a given section of the house. Their covering from the top to the bottom of a floor makes them ideal for creating private spaces.

Types of Windows For Your Home

These are only 8 of the most common types of windows your home can benefit from. There are many others but these ones are the main classes from which others are derived. Windows nowadays have colors and even technology embedded in them to control both light and temperature.

How to Hire a Basement St. Louis Remodeling Contractor

September 11, 2016 at 7:24 pm

If you are intent on remodeling your basement, you need to consider various aspects before you choose a contractor to give you that new look you need. The rules and tips on having the best St. Louis basement finishing contractor are many. However, we focus on what will work for your case. Take out your notebooks as we explore the following points.

  • Draw a list of the aspects you want included in the remodeling. What do you want to see in the final finish of your basement? Draw up this list and use it to ask the potential contractor if they’re able to do that for you.
  • Avoid the very lowly priced offers. Most likely, they are meant to entice you but will provide poor quality services. You are looking for someone to revamp apart of your home, do not sell yourself short.
  • Carry out research on the potential contractors to establish their eligibility for the remodeling project you have. You will have to go to great lengths to pick on a single contractor. Learn about their history in terms of delivering the services they advertise. Look for any complaints from their previous customers. How did they address the problems? If possible, talk to their previous customers to establish how reliable their services are.
  • Engage the potential contractors. Ask the burning questions that bother you about your intended changes. Does the contractor understand what you want? You need to work with a firm which shares your point of view as far as the contract is concerned. For most people, their ideas and the expertise of the contractor should produce the best results.
  • Establish the identity of the contractor. You ought to ensure that the contractor is a legitimate business with a license and permit to carry out the work you need done. Also ensure that their work has passed the required standards according to the government and safety standards. For all you know, you could be dealing with a crook who would do a substandard job and leave you with regrets. Read about the staff of the company you are interested in on their websites to ensure that you are dealing with professionals.
  • Upon drawing up your checklist on what needs to be done, ensure the contract you have with the contractor has as many of your needs as possible. The basement is yours; you need to have it done it your way.
  • Put everything in writing. Even the little aspects of the information should be put on paper for future reference. The contractor who agrees to sign every document and agreements the two of you have is a legitimate one. Don’t allow the contractor to make promises with up their words only.

Whatever you do, do not base your decision on the price charged by each contractor. It isn’t necessary that the cheapest business is the cheat. Even the one charging high prices will likely lie with delivering packages they seem unbelievable. Keep it simple and choose the best from the group.

Using the Internet to research local businesses – 3 Quick Tips

September 2, 2016 at 7:23 pm

The Internet is clearly the most resourceful store of information since the advent of man. It has almost everything we need and more. With search engines becoming better by the day, you only need a few skills to find the local businesses you want. Not only that, the Internet allows you to learn a lot about the business you are searching for. Looking for a local business and wondering how to get the information? Here are three quick tips on how to go about it.

Harness Keywords

You don’t need to know exactly what you are looking for to find it on the Internet. You only need a few words to find the local business of your choice. What is it you are looking for, for example? Party bus rentals? Type these exact words into the search engine and it will bring you the party bus rentals in St. Charles, MO. Simple as that! Keywords help the search engines bring you the most relevant results. Better yet, given they search engines know your location, try ‘party bus rentals near me’. You will receive a list of the air conditioning firms closest to you.

Utilize the ‘Similar’ Section

You’ve just done a search on a given business in your area. You have a doubt, however, as to whether they are the best you can get or not. Worry not. You can now have businesses in the same line of service by using the ‘similar’ tab on major search engines. Some search engines do not even need you to use that feature since they bring you a list of similar businesses to the one you’ve searched. Given that you would have given the search engine the provision that you’re searching for businesses in your area, the results will consider this aspect.

Finding Local Business

Finding Local Business

Visit Their Website… And Office

With the the current capabilities in search engines, you can directly go to the website of the business you want. Better yet, you can have the search engine direct you to the local business of your choice in the ‘directions’ section. With most searches occurring on mobile phones equipped with GPS capabilities, one can easily have the directions from their location to the businesses they are interested in. Right in the search results, there is a section about the business as far as its address is concerned. You can have the phone number and email address of the company from that point.

Utilize That

The Internet has become so smart that you can easily find your next service firm right where you are. With the major technology firms focusing on developing artificial intelligence, it won’t be long till you can ask your car to take you to a business of your choice. At the moment, you can even command your gadget to call the closest carpet cleaning firm and make a reservation for your appointment. Neat, right? So you can skip the use of the business directory and just go online for all your needs.

6 simple steps of painting cabinets

September 2, 2016 at 4:57 pm
Kitchen is important part that should be considered. You should make your kitchen is an interesting place. If you want to make your kitchen looks fresher, painting the kitchen cabinets will be economical and quick option.
Painting cabinets is very great idea. This easy way will update the cabinet from any condition and age.
If you want to paint your cabinets, you can read these guides curled from an interview with an expert kitchen cabinet painter. You can find some important information for painting the kitchen cabinet;
  1. The surface of your cabinet will be the first consideration . Unfinished and flat wood will be the easiest surface to be painted. Metal and wood laminate can be quite easy to paint. You may need special technique and paint to work on plastic laminate cabinets. You should consult with a professional to paint plastic laminate cabinets.
  2. Remove the door and hardware of the cabinet. To make you easy when rearranging the door and hardware, you can give a mark for each item. Keep the door and hardware in safe location.
  3. Clean the surface before painting cabinets. Steam, food splatters, and grease are common things on kitchen cabinet. You can make a solution to clean the cabinet’s surface. Four parts of water and a part of Tri sodium phosphate can be good solution. This solution will help you to clean any dirt on your cabinet. Apply the cleaner and then rinse with clean water. Let the surfaces dry completely. You are not allowed to soak when cleaning with the solution.
    Kitchen cabinet [painter
  4. Sand the surface. If the existing paint is still in good condition, you do not need to sand the cabinet. You just need to roughen the surface so your new paint can easily adhere. If you do sand the cabinet to bare wood, you should feather the edges area to make the new paint lays flat. After that, clean the sanding dust. Wipe sanded surface using tack cloth.
  5. Use primer-sealer and let it dry. The application of primer sealer is important in painting cabinets. It is aimed to make sure that the finish coat can be bounded well. Primer sealer also deglazes the old finish and provides better base for semi-gloss paint.
  6. Next, you can apply the paint. You can apply with spray, roller, or brush. You can use roller if the surface is entirely flat. After applying the paint, you should wait until the paint dries. Rearrange the door and hardware. Painting cabinets is done. You can use your fresher cabinets.

These steps are essential and would help you avoid common mistakes people make while cleaning their cabinets as discussed here

Great benefits of concrete paint

September 2, 2016 at 9:59 am

Do  you  want to  update the  look of  your  concrete floor?  There  is  an  alternative  that  you can  do  to  get  great  result  with  small  budget.  Painting  concrete  is  one  of  the  affordable alternatives to upgrade your concrete floor. It will be the right technique to  remodel your home. At this time, I want to share about benefits of concrete paint.

  • Enhance the beauty of your room

    The  natural  gray  color  of  concrete  is  not  too  attractive.  If  you  want  to  improve  the beauty of your garage, you can paint it. Painting is an easy and quick way to enhance the  beauty  of  your  home.  With  a  little  skill,  you  can  also  make  your  floor  into  a canvas to make unique design. Color will make your home prettier.

  • Cheap alternative to repair any crack

    Certainly,  you  do  not  want  there  is  any  crack  in  your  concrete  floor.  It  is  very awkward  thing.  It  can  ruin  the  look  of  your  floor.  But,  it  can  happen  anytime.  You should  be  ready  anytime.  Laying  a  new  foundation  will  spend  too  much  budget.  To solve this problem, you can paint the concrete. This is a cheap and quick way to cover the crack. You can save your money for other necessity. As a painting contractor, its been the most effective method i always advice my clients to use.

  • Give protection to the floor

    The  concrete’s  porosity  can  make  it  prone  to  be  stained  from  grease,  oil,  and  other harmful  chemicals.  You  can  apply concrete  paint  to  reduce  stain.  Painted  concrete can be more resistant from the stains. You may need to reapply the sealant every few months. You need to choose the paint that is durable and strong in order to make your concrete  last  several  years  with  no  chip  and  crack.  Paint  is  much  recommended  for high-traffic areas, like driveways and garages.

Those are three main benefits of concrete paint. Paint will totally cover and protect your concrete surface. To apply the paint,  you  need some preparations. You should clean the concrete surface using degreasers to throw out any grease stain or oil. And then, remove the  curing  chemicals  on  the  surface  of  the  concrete  with  muriatic  acid.  Before  applying the paint to the concrete, you should also avoid  it  from the  moisture retention. To avoid the moisture retention, you can seal the concrete using a primer sealer product. Concrete paint can work for both outdoor and indoor applications. It will protect and improve the wealth of your home.

3 Tips for Planning a Remodeling Project

August 27, 2016 at 10:29 am

Remodeling your St. Charles basement can bring many good things to your house. Not only will you have the chance to look at your house in a different look, but you also have the chance to score a lot of money in the future if you plan to sell the house to a perfect future buyer. Now, one of the things that you can do if you want to remodel your house is to plan your remodeling project, and this article will give you some tips for planning a remodeling project that you can try.


Start Your Planning Now and Get the Profit Later

If you are a procrastinator, you should not let that procrastinating habit present in this kind of activity. The quicker you plan your home-remodeling project, the better plan it will be, which in turn will give you a solid plan to your project. By planning your remodeling project right away, you will have more time in dealing with some small things later on.

Plan Your Budget

Budgeting is by all means one of the most important factors that one need to consider whenever he or she is making a plan for remodeling his or her home. The reason why it is important is because money is one among many other important factors that will allow a certain project to be completed. When you are making budget plan, you have to see whether you have put all of the necessity, and remove all of the things that do not get your remodeling project done.

planning a house remodel

To help with the budgeting of your project, many people who have shared their tips for planning a remodeling project online say that it is reasonable to actually hire a professional home remodeler such as interior designer or exterior designer for your project. You may think that this is a waste of money, but the truth is that a professional can help you to allocate your money to get the most essential items for your project because he or she knows well about how to do the right thing.

Expect the Unexpected

When planning, we often do not know what will happen in the future. Therefore, we have to be ready for every bad or good thing that may happen in the future. One of the most common unexpected thing to happen in the future is the rising or the decreasing price of the item that you need for your project. Expect these events to happen when planning to make your plan solid.

Home Painting Tips

August 20, 2016 at 7:50 pm

Painting is the most inexpensive way to remodel a house. Splash your walls with bright hues or subtle combinations to match your taste and interior settings. Paints these days come in superior quality and give the walls a nice finished look. So if the painting is the only remodeling option you have, let’s make a great job out of it.

Home Painting

Preparing for the painting task:- Here is a checklist of painting tips before you start painting your house-
· Choose the right color for your walls
· Move your furniture to the center of the room and cover it with plastic cloth sheets.
· Cover the hanging lights and ceiling fans with sheets and switch panels with tapes and cut off the circuit. Cover knobs and other accessories of the room
· Scrape off the wallpaper and peeling paints thoroughly, patch the fill the uneven holes. The walls should be even and clear of dust and paint.
· Primer the walls if they are uneven and repaired or there are drastic color changes to be done

The effect of color:
Colors have a powerful effect on the senses. They can influence the state of your mind and have a healing and soothing effect. Therefore, choose your combinations perfectly to enhance the effect of a great color combination. Pink color has a soft and delicate touch; they could be great for a lady’s room or even the bedroom. Beige and gray are calm and neutral and should be placed in a relaxing area. Purples are vibrant and great for kitchens. Browns and soft yellows are for the common areas and blue is tranquil and calming.

Bedroom- A bedroom is our favorite place in the house and we want to do it well. We unwind and relax after a stressful day; hence the wall should accentuate warmth and coziness. White is a great option, while soft browns, grays, cream, and mauve shade works well.

Other rooms-Use pink, blue, sunny shades and bright wall colors for your kid’s room. Mint gives an elegant touch, and brown and gray would add charm to your formal sitting area. If you have expensive fittings in the bathroom, go in for lighter shades of blue, green, cream, and gray. White takes the cake, exuding the ultimate class.

Terracotta goes well with open spaces, garden area, and terrace.

Entrance- Make the entrance of your house dramatic and attractive by using contrasting shades. Some people like to use colors like red, dark brown or even black for the foyer. You can paint single walls in a room with these shades or stick to the crystal ivory white for a neutral effect.

Kitchen- I would paint my kitchen walls in purple or blue and complement it with white cabinet and furnishings. White and gray are also great combinations. Mint is also a lovely kitchen color. Women spend long hours in the kitchen and some love the yellow touch for a bright feel.

Texture your walls- Combine texture with painting to uplift the appeal of a particular space. You can choose a single wall or an alcove space in your formal sitting, dining and bedroom area for a nice textured wall.

Wrap up:
If the color scheme leaves you confused, go for white. Nothing looks cleaner and more sophisticated than a sparkling white shade. This color enhances the look of the place by highlighting on the accessories in the room while subtly blending into the background. It makes the spaces look huge and neat.