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Home Painting Tips

August 20, 2016 at 7:50 pm

Painting is the most inexpensive way to remodel a house. Splash your walls with bright hues or subtle combinations to match your taste and interior settings. Paints these days come in superior quality and give the walls a nice finished look. So if the painting is the only remodeling option you have, let’s make a great job out of it.

Home Painting

Preparing for the painting task:- Here is a checklist of painting tips before you start painting your house-
· Choose the right color for your walls
· Move your furniture to the center of the room and cover it with plastic cloth sheets.
· Cover the hanging lights and ceiling fans with sheets and switch panels with tapes and cut off the circuit. Cover knobs and other accessories of the room
· Scrape off the wallpaper and peeling paints thoroughly, patch the fill the uneven holes. The walls should be even and clear of dust and paint.
· Primer the walls if they are uneven and repaired or there are drastic color changes to be done

The effect of color:
Colors have a powerful effect on the senses. They can influence the state of your mind and have a healing and soothing effect. Therefore, choose your combinations perfectly to enhance the effect of a great color combination. Pink color has a soft and delicate touch; they could be great for a lady’s room or even the bedroom. Beige and gray are calm and neutral and should be placed in a relaxing area. Purples are vibrant and great for kitchens. Browns and soft yellows are for the common areas and blue is tranquil and calming.

Bedroom- A bedroom is our favorite place in the house and we want to do it well. We unwind and relax after a stressful day; hence the wall should accentuate warmth and coziness. White is a great option, while soft browns, grays, cream, and mauve shade works well.

Other rooms-Use pink, blue, sunny shades and bright wall colors for your kid’s room. Mint gives an elegant touch, and brown and gray would add charm to your formal sitting area. If you have expensive fittings in the bathroom, go in for lighter shades of blue, green, cream, and gray. White takes the cake, exuding the ultimate class.

Terracotta goes well with open spaces, garden area, and terrace.

Entrance- Make the entrance of your house dramatic and attractive by using contrasting shades. Some people like to use colors like red, dark brown or even black for the foyer. You can paint single walls in a room with these shades or stick to the crystal ivory white for a neutral effect.

Kitchen- I would paint my kitchen walls in purple or blue and complement it with white cabinet and furnishings. White and gray are also great combinations. Mint is also a lovely kitchen color. Women spend long hours in the kitchen and some love the yellow touch for a bright feel.

Texture your walls- Combine texture with painting to uplift the appeal of a particular space. You can choose a single wall or an alcove space in your formal sitting, dining and bedroom area for a nice textured wall.

Wrap up:
If the color scheme leaves you confused, go for white. Nothing looks cleaner and more sophisticated than a sparkling white shade. This color enhances the look of the place by highlighting on the accessories in the room while subtly blending into the background. It makes the spaces look huge and neat.